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Nowwithem Six Shooter, CKC AD

May 11th, 1997 to Nov 1st, 2011
Nowwithem - Shasta hiking  Kate - BW - US supported entry

Shasta came to us at 14 months of age & what a stunning beauty. A natural athlete, she easily completed her CKC Novice Agility Title
when this title was a difficult feat. The joy she emanated while flying around the course would take my breath away!

Shasta spent her life hiking with her Hiking Guide owners on our dream property near Mount Robson BC. She hiked, backpacked & accompanied us on horseback for hundreds of kilometers through the mountains, carrying her own pack & wearing her signature red neoprene boots. We called her "the mountain goat" as she would be up & down the mountain 3 or 4 times to our once & back! A soft-natured girl, we once witnessed Shasta roar by our home at top speed followed closely by an upset mommy Mule deer!

Probably Shasta's greatest accomplishment was ushering in our late-in-life baby, & the toddler he grew to be when Shasta left us, with utter grace & tolerance. Our fondest memories are of Shasta hovering near the little one protectively, even in her golden years. I have had many dogs over the years but Shasta was far & away the sweetest of all of them. Thank you for teaching me patience & grace Shasta. "We'll always love you" & there will never be another to match your sweet loving ways. Good-bye little mountain goat, we will see you on the Rainbow Bridge.

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Nowwithem Pointers are loved and owned by
Jill Koch, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada