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Can. Am. Ch. Nowwithem Double Barreled,

May 16, 2002 to October 6, 2016
Am. Ch. Kingscroft Classic Wedgwood x Am. Can. Ch. Nowwithem Cat Ballou, FDJ,JH

Nowwithem Cat Ballou

Remi - Best of Winners  Remi - Best of Breed

*Papasan Queen :)

Remi has always lived life her way with her special "joie de vivre". She started her life dubbed by breeder Jill Koch as 'Trouble' and every time she saw Jill, and got called Trouble, she took great pride in that name too.

She was our kowabunga dog who knew no limits or fear. She arrived in San Francisco at 4 months old screaming. We got her out of the crate and 4 feet on the ground and she was ready for what was ahead. She was our teacher and she was always so patient with our learning curve, accepting the fact that we had so much to learn. Our companion extraordinaire, allowing us to show, do field work, obedience, and agility too. She was a willing partner in anything that we asked of her.

She also was a teammate with Emily Cunningham Pate in conformation, Tammy Domico in agility, Scott Azevedo and Linda Azevedo in the field. She was an awesome mama dog and a silly girl who kept us laughing and in love with Pointers. Because of Remi we have some incredible people in our lives that will be lifelong friends.

So she starts her new adventure, met at the bridge by so many friends. Remi you are so loved.

Remi at rest  Remi at Christmas

See some of Remi's puppies here, from her Pointgold breeding!!!

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Nowwithem Pointers are loved and owned by
Jill Koch, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada